Vanilla Breakfast Cookies (Ciambelline biscottate)

Makes approximately 60 cookies, depending on size.

3 cups flour

3/4  cup  sugarpicture

1 envelope Italian vanilla powder (Pane Angeli is a brand name)*

Pinch of salt

1 whole egg

1 egg, separated

100 gr. cold unsalted butter (approx. 7 tbsp), cut up in small pieces

1 envelope  Pane Angeli Italian baking powder**

Sugar crystals for decorating

Mix together flour, sugar, salt, vanilla powder, baking powder, whole egg, egg white and butter and work by hand till you obtain a soft, smooth dough.

You may refrigerate it for a little while to make it easier to work with.

Cut out little pieces of dough, roll them to the thickness of a finger and a length of approx. 10 cm.  Pinch ends together to form  little rings, and place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, a little distance apart.

Beat the egg yolk with a little water, then brush it over the ciambelline,  Sprinkle with sugar crystals.  You’ll need two cookie sheets for all of them.

Bake in preheated 375 degrees (F) oven for 15-20 minutes.  They should become golden and not burnt.  Cool on a rack.

(I bake them on two oven shelves, watching them carefully, and switching positions if necessary).

*instead of the Italian vanilla powder, you may use 1 tsp vanilla.  It’ll be good, but not the same.

**  instead of the Italian baking powder, you may use 3 tsp of regular baking powder.  Again, it it won’t be the same.

(Recipe translated and adapted by Mara from one by the company Pane degli angeli)