Their Expectations

What matters.

Because you don’t count.

At some point, you are dismissed.  From having opinions.  Or wishes, desires.

They wish you settled in a certain ‘acceptable’ position, and expect you to be ‘just fine’.

You are to be content and satisfied, set aside any dreams you might still have.

Because, come on, life is too short to be happy.

Just stay where you are, they say without saying, don’t shake things up.  They want you reliable and visibly serene, completely enthralled by their needs and desires (because they still hold that privilege).

Your life of ‘quiet desperation’ is perfectly acceptable to them, just don’t mention it.

Hold your sighs till the silence of the night.

Your problems are inconsequential, just keep them in, please.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint their expectations.  They avert their gaze if they notice your restlessness.  Just settle down, accept you status quo.

You don’t exist as a human, you must become yielding clay, to be easily manipulated by their expectations.

You are trapped, cornered, blocked, censored, resentful, but dare not rebel.

It would shatter their expectations.  The only ones that are worthy.

Guilt consumes you, relentless. How dare you question your duties?

You learn to dwell in the gray zone.

Even when it darkens to charcoal, diving into deep black at times, but then retreating.

Your sheer will power fights the natural tumble into the feared, though secretly desired, oblivion.

You are not brave enough.

There is no escape from their expectations.

(Character Study)