Learn Italian with me!

Benvenuti al mio Corso di lingua italiana!

Come to the North Castle Public Library in Armonk, and join our fabulous class!

Our Italian Language and Culture Classes continue through the summer, as we learn and have fun at once.

Look at my video, then come and say hello!

Spero di conoscervi presto!

Buona estate a tutti!
Happy Summer!



A Love Story with a Twist

When a love story is truly that.

But so much more.

The gray areas that one refuses to acknowledge because they are too real. The ones where most of us dwell, cry, exult, bear, rejoice. And hide, mostly hide.

My beloved novel The Summer of the Spanish Writer is indeed an exhilarating love story, or, rather, two. Significantly different from each other, like the two women who live them.

When one is very young, love is solely eternal butterflies, a never-ending thrill that deletes any desire to sleep or do anything at all, because nothing is above that feeling of unadulterated joy. Till it ends with the thunderous crash no one expects though we all do.

Then one grows. And, often, love becomes the all-concealing cover for its dark side.

Enter Cassandra, one of the two main characters of my novel.

Her apparently calm, ordinary world hides a darkness more powerful that a stormy winter night, and as painful as love gone bad.

What will a mother do to protect her child? She will construct a fictitious story of normality, of routine, enhanced by smiles that almost look genuine. The grief expressed (quietly!) when alone, when sleep eludes her, is to remain forever silent though it’s screaming. Living her lonely days in the shadow of a man whose well-rehearsed charm seems to deceive all around them, Cassandra performs the duties expected of her as wife and mother and nothing else. The invisible woman, who surrendered her dreams to the harsh reality that engulfed her, and does her best to perform them to keep the peace.

Read her story, dear friends, shiver, get angry, but dream also. Always dream, because sometimes that unreachable light is all one has to hang on to.

Every human being needs an incentive to get up in the morning, to labor through the day, to absorb the blows. A reason, people, we all need a reason for existing.

Some succumb to the loss of it.

A tale of love, a tale of hatred, a tale of a friendship, a tale of passion and of grief.

Also known as the life of a woman.

Click on link below and lose yourself in this extraordinary adventure.

My New Short Story is on Amazon Kindle!

the lotto ticket

“Imagine holding a winning lotto ticket in your hand. Envision the euphoria, the avalanche of dreams. Your life is about to change drastically, the struggle is over!   All you need to do is have the ticket scanned at the store where you bought it, and sign the back. Simple, right? It should be, but life is ever-surprising. Sometimes, not even a winning ticket will give you a break.   Enough said. Just read Jeanine’s story.”

I’m super-excited to unveil my new short story, dear friends!

What inspired me to write The Lotto Ticket? Well, perhaps those square, shiny tickets that I sometimes find in my hand, resigned from the start that, of course, I won’t win, but also secretly hoping that perhaps, possibly…

A lotto ticket is a dream you can hang on to for a few hours. And dreams are always worthy, because, as they say, you never know.

Listen to Jeanine’s tale and fly off with her for a bit.

Easily download the story on your Kindle or other tablet.

Happy Reading!


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A Beginning (reposting my very first blog)

I am one of two worlds.  The one that carries and feeds me and strengthens me each day, the one I dwell in and I breathe…and then the other I carry in my heart. The one in the present; the one in the past.  Co-existing in quiet IMG_2148understanding.  Most of the time.  Sure, sometimes it explodes, that amicable rapport, and emotions are  provoked and unraveled, and life becomes confusing, perhaps chaotic  But only for a while. Eventually it all settles down to calm resignation and even contentment.  I’m a writer, but here I’m just me, writing without desire to conform to rules of form and even content.  I’ll let it pour out, whatever it is that’s clamoring to be heard – be it the description of a great walk up the hill, when I leave work each day, or my latest shopping experience at TJ Maxx.  I will be light, lace the prose with humor.  Sometimes.  I will have my dark moments. when the written expression seems to be the only salvation.  Clouds, bursts of sunshine, splashes of conflicting themes.  Whatever that means.  See what I mean? It sounded good, so I wrote it.  Maybe later I will get it.

I’m a daughter of the Mediterranean, born on an August day on the Bay of Naples.  The sun is my friend.  I hate and fear the gloom of night.  I left that gentle sea for the majesty of the Hudson.  Yes, I live by its edge and I love it so much.  It’s my river, you know.  Well, I want to be spontaneous, so here is the first break.  I’m going for a walk with a dear friend.  Oh, I’ll be back.  Can’t stop me now.  Much more to come.