Summer Pause!

Yes, we are taking a summer break from our Italian Classes at the North Castle Public Library.  As we always do in August.

Thank you to all my lovely students for brightening my life with their smiles, laughter, interest, determination, and passion for the Italian language and culture.  Another year  to remember.

Grazie for coming to our summer celebration party, and bringing all that food!  I was overwhelmed.

I’m grateful to have every single one of you in my life.  Wow, seven years plus of Tuesday nights spent with you guys!  Feeling blessed.

Ci vediamo a settember, miei cari!  Enjoy the rest of August, and Buon Ferragosto!



Celebrating May as Food Month in Armonk



Sure, May was Food Month at the North Castle Public Library in Armonk.

But it’s ALWAYS Food Month in our Italian Class!

We had a wonderful celebration tonight, with all of my amazing students IMG_3296contributing delectable goodies.

My offer was an unusual pound cake I like to call Mystery Cake, because I bet you can’t tell what the elusive flavoring is.  But here is my recipe.  Mystery solved.

Grazie di cuore, cari studenti!   It’s a joy and an honor to teach you.  You brighten my life.


Italian Carnevale in Armonk


Yes, we celebrated Carnevale in our Italian class at the North Castle Public Library in Armonk!

Grazie  to my wonderful students, for dressing up , bringing beautiful masks and food to our little party.  We even had enchanting entertainment by one of my students, who is an incredible opera singer.

Italian Tuesdays in Armonk:  You never know what exciting things can happen!

Buon Carnevale to all!

Celebrating Italian Christmas Traditions in Armonk

Armonk Class, Christmas 2015

A wonderful evening at the North Castle Public Library in Armonk, New York!  My lovely students and I shared our memories of Christmas past and our plans for Christmas present in our Italian class.  What joy to reminisce about my italian childhood when Christmas was not nearly as grand and glitzy, but still so enormously exciting.

Grazie to my thoughtful students who came bearing a bounty of homemade sweets and even sparkling cider for our little Christmas feast.Armonk Class, Christmas 2015, 2

I was even surprised by a beautiful painting of my Naples by one of my students, who I had no idea was also an artist.  I’m very touched and grateful.

Merry Christmas to all of you, dear readers, from our fabulous Armonk Italian Class!

Armonk class, Christmas 2015, 3