Italian Classes Are Back!

Italian Language and Culture Classes are back after our brief summer break!

Welcome all new students!  Welcome back to all my wonderful steady students!  I missed you.

Looking forward to our conversations, book club readings and, yes, grammar too.  🙂

Viva la lingua e la cultura italiana!

Summer Pause!

Yes, we are taking a summer break from our Italian Classes at the North Castle Public Library.  As we always do in August.

Thank you to all my lovely students for brightening my life with their smiles, laughter, interest, determination, and passion for the Italian language and culture.  Another year  to remember.

Grazie for coming to our summer celebration party, and bringing all that food!  I was overwhelmed.

I’m grateful to have every single one of you in my life.  Wow, seven years plus of Tuesday nights spent with you guys!  Feeling blessed.

Ci vediamo a settember, miei cari!  Enjoy the rest of August, and Buon Ferragosto!



Celebrating in Armonk!

Grazie to all my wonderful students for celebrating with me the last Summer Class of Italian Language and Culture at the North Castle Public Library.

Lots of delicious homemade food, stories to share, and laughter: another successful year!

I will fiercely miss you, carissimi studenti, for the next two weeks.

But we will start all over again on September 5th!  New students are welcome, as our beginners course also resumes.

Ci vediamo a settembre.

Buon agosto a tutti!

(I contributed the Blueberry-Yogurt Bundt Cake, recipe here)