In Praise of the All-American Man

While I’m contently preparing traditional American fare for the glorious Memorial Day weekend – shaping the juicy hamburger patties, mixing up a perfect Macaroni Salad –  windows wide open,  since the summer has finally arrived in Westchester, I hear the faint buzz of an electric saw.  And my heart skips a beat.  As I peek out the kitchen window, I see men in t-shirts and jeans cutting grass, trimming hedges, building things in the front yards, firing up barbecues, tongs in one hand, a well-deserved beer in the other.

Hail to the All-American man, the good husband, the great, tireless provider, the weekend warrior, the thoughtful dad who lovingly follows his child’s first time on the two-wheeler, ready to catch him/her if faltering.  The man who gets up each morning, ready to face a new day, still tired sometimes, perhaps wishing for an easier life, or dreaming of retirement, but still ready to fight the world with one goal in mind: taking care of his family.

I am always perplexed and honestly surprised, when some women whine about their husbands because they…don’t make dinner, don’t do the vacuuming, they are not very ‘sensitive’.  Really?

Do we marry men or chefs? Do we want housekeepers, therapists,  best friends or real men?

I would much prefer to cook and bake daily, and, yes, clean my house and do all the laundry, ironing included (which I abhor, by the way), and also hold a job, of course, confident in the knowledge that a reliable man is taking care of the serious business: planning for the family’s future, protecting them, providing an atmosphere of comfort and safety.

God bless all of you, good old-fashioned American men, you strong and silent types!  We women don’t want you to be our girlfriends and confidants, but our rocks.

We love it when you drag out the power tools, down in the garage, building something amazing with your own hands. And yes, thank you for barbecuing! Now, that is manly cooking. Grateful not to have to deal with the smoke in my hair, and the bugs.

God bless the American man!  You are my hero!