Short Stories

the lotto ticketThe Lotto Ticket
Published July 2016

Imagine holding a winning lotto ticket in your hand. Envision the euphoria, the avalanche of dreams. Your life is about to change drastically, the struggle is over! All you need to do is have the ticket scanned at the store where you bought it, and sign the back. Simple, right? It should be, but life is ever-surprising. Sometimes, not even a winning ticket will give you a break. Enough said. Just read Jeanine’s story.


first selfie

First Selfie 
Published August 2014

When Laura attends a family wedding, she decides to attempt taking a selfie, something she had often wished she could do. Later, when she examines the photo, mostly curious to see how such a close-up of her face would turn out, she realizes that she got herself entangled into an explosive predicament. Careful what you wish for!


charles got a christmas miracle

Charles, Got a Christmas Miracle?
Published December 2013

While Christmas approaches, a mother tries to keep it together, as sudden inescapable financial difficulties – triggered by the new health insurance crisis – are about to crush her family. A very current tale.


Suddenly, at the Airport
Published March 2013

Sophia is waiting at the airport, about to take her flight home, when she thinks she sees someone from her past. She’s emotionally turned upside down, drops everything and starts searching the crowd for the man she once loved.


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