Virtual Italian Class: We Must Adapt!

Well, here I am, teaching Italian  Language and Culture through Zoom.

Very strange, never thought I would have to do this.  Honestly, I never even heard of Zoom until three weeks ago!

But we are smart, strong, flexible and must adapt to different situations, even surreal ones like the one we are experiencing right now.

I’m thrilled and touched that so many of my wonderful students dove right in, and joined our virtual class with great optimism.  Oh yeah, we had issues with connection, video, positioning of cell phones and computers, sometimes only seeing somebody’s top of the head or the ceiling, students accidentally disconnecting, some appearing only as a green rectangle, but we resolved these issues, laughing and taking everything in stride.  We will all become real pros at this online teaching, I’m confident!

Si parla ancora italiano ad Armonk!

Looking forward to the next online sessions, now that I’m not so anxious about them anymore.  We all learn something new everyday, and can conquer what scares or intimidates us.

Thank you, my awesome students and friends, for keeping our precious Italian Class going.  I missed you all so much!

I’m planning easier lessons, more manageable online.  We will keep having fun, don’t you worry!

And, yes, of course, we will see each other in person again at some point soon (And I can finally start wearing all my beautiful shoes again! :-).

Because this, too, shall pass.

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