You too are deserving. Really

Bottom line:

It’s just you.  Always and only you.  Your biggest supporter, cheerleader, sympathizer.

Pick yourself up, shake off the grip of potential depression, get a steely control of your emotions, and put them in their place.  They don’t belong on your face.

Stay cool, detached.  Activate the powerful gray matter, focus on practicality.

They will stab you.  Sometimes unconsciously, accidentally.  But think: Shouldn’t they know better if they truly cared?

Reality: You are the one who needs to care about you.  Be your own advocate, wear your bullet-proof jacket, remain reasonably detached.

Build your immunity, start early.  Don’t allow the world to kick you in the face, even when the kicker is gentle and offers you a persuasive explanation.  There is no acceptable explanation.

Sacrifice is overrated.

Living in pain and anxiety, dwelling in the deepest unhappiness, simply not to rattle someone else’s life.  Allowing them to turn the other way not to get involved in a difficult situation that might offset the bricks they placed so neatly to pave their happy future.

This is unhealthy, self-destructive behavior.  Don’t self-destruct: you are worthy.

One cannot build personal happiness on the misery of others.  It doesn’t work that way.  Oh, they will comprehend at some point, of course they will.  But not now, focused as they are in conquering their brilliant future.

Stay resolute, freeze your tears before they show.  Stay true to yourself, don’t waver because that unfair sentiment known as guilt knows how to disassemble your soul.

Don’t give up. You matter.

Take that trip, you deserve it.  Love that city just because.  Even when they try to make the mere idea of your timid wish weigh on your conscience, and not necessarily in words.

Be brave.  Courage is real, simply concealed under deceiving, self-imposed responsibilities.

At the end, it’s always just you, forever.


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