Sweet Deceit

Dark as sin, tender, moist, intensely chocolate, this cake will seduce your taste buds.

Beautiful in its simple Bundt elegance, a silky crumb, cuts like butter. But there is no butter in this cake, my friends.

A mysterious, unusual, ingredient infiltrates the traditional ones, blends seamlessly into the smooth batter, sheds its brilliant arrogant hue and enhances the gustatory pleasure.

Appearances can be deceiving, as you know, even a glorious chocolate cake can NOT be what you think.

Deception is woven into the simple innocence of our daily lives, and, so often, we trip on the lies and get hurt.

Those who smile, sympathize and promise, then stick a sharp knife deep into your soul when you turn, filled with belief and hope.

The false friends disguised as true ones, eyes lowered in humility, fingering their rosary beads in the light of the Lord. Flaky friends, only amused by the novelty of all things and people, seeking constant entertainment, forgetful of promises and responsibilities.

Those who parade their enviable lives, lavishing compliments on all, but in reality chained into a stale status quo that has shriveled their personalities, annihilated their dreams, reduced them to mechanically functioning beings.

So many, sadly, who languish in those ‘lives of quiet desperation’, staring wide-eyed at the invisible ceiling in the endless nights, aching with suppressed passions that are never to be expressed.

The secret ingredient deeply concealed inside, never to be released.

But then there are cakes.  Their secrets can only make you smile.

This beauty is delicate but assertive, solid but yielding, hiding its benign, ordinary/not ordinary curious ingredient.

Here is the recipe.   Thus the mystery shall be revealed.   Happy Baking!


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