Another Pumpkin Cake (’tis the Season!)


I can’t help it.  I try new recipes, become super-enthusiastic, and must immediately share.

This Pumpkin Gingerbread with Cream Cheese Filling is quite delicious.  A gamut of spices give it an intensely deep flavor, and it’s as dark as a late Fall evening, when the sun just disappears even though, darn it, it’s not even dinner time.

Sure the days are still sunny enough, and even mild, so go ahead and wear img_4577your favorite light trench and colorful tights.  Just know that the night is close by, and that down coat you’ve been ignoring for months is now ready to make its entrance in your wardrobe.  No way out of winter, my friends (unless you move to Florida, but not happening with me, that’s for sure).

So, make a cozy fire in your fireplace, slip on some soft thick socks, and reach for a large mug of coffee (or ginger tea, hot cocoa, spiced hot cider).  Go ahead, eat your cake.  Relax and live a preview of the holidays.

Try this recipe now!


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