Making Bensone for the first time


A new recipe!  Yes, always exciting to try something new and different.  Now, Bensone is just another name for the famous ciambella romagnola, a hearty breakfast cake from the region of Emilia-Romagna, my mother’s native land.  I have been making the ciambella  forever and, of course, the recipe is in my upcoming cookbook, being an essential part of my Italian childhood..

Bensone intrigued me because it is shaped by hand, instead of filling a ring mold.

I’ve had the pleasure and joy of having a young cousin from Modena visiting me for three webensoneeks, so of course we talked food and more food.  She was interested in learning about American dishes, and I needed a more in depth knowledge of her (and my mother’s) city, in all its aspects.

She cooked some of her specialties, surprising me with an abundant dinner one day, when I returned home from school  A true feast, my friends!

Sadly, she had to go back to Italy, but the two cookbooks she brought me were calling.  Hence, the Bensone.img_4205

I find it delicious in its simple, down-to-earth shape and flavor, perfect with a cup of coffee, or, they say, even dunked in a glass of white wine (need to try that soon, though not for breakfast!).

Flour, sugar, eggs, butter are the basics, an old-fashioned dough that feels just right in your hands, malleable and honest.

Many more recipes awaiting to be made in this baking notebook!

I’ll keep you posted!


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