August in Armonk

Armonk Italian Class, August 2016Another successful year of Italian Language Classes comes to an end at the North Castle Public Library in Armonk.  Grazie to all my wonderful students for all the food and drinks they brought to celebrate our last summer class. We had a veritable feast!

We will be back, fresh and excited anew, on September 6th, when our regular classes resume, as does our beginner’s hour.

I must also thank the beautiful and very active North Castle Public Library for giving me this opportunity to teach my beloved Italian language and culture to a group of eager and dedicated students.  Grazie, Armonk!

Living in my beautiful America, and teaching the language I grewArmonk Italian Class, August 2016 (2) up with: What could be better?

Grazie, also, to the United States of America for being everything I always thought they would be, and so much more.

I’m fortunate and blessed indeed.

Ci vediamo a settembre!



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