Now, this one is mine

Fischiotti with caramelized onion, peas, cream, chicken

Voilà, here is my new creation!

After so many (many) years of feeding a family, I can now just eye what’s around (and what isn’t) and quickly come up with dinner.

An original dish, for sure.  It usually works out, though not always (like when I decided to complement some leftover onions and peppers cooked in olive oil and wine with minced fresh ginger: NOT a success).

Fischiotti (also known by other names, but this is what we always called them) is one of my favorite shapes of pasta, and they are particularly delicious what a creamy sauce.  So, I looked around and gathered onions, peas, cream and some chicken breast.  Jackpot!

Who doesn’t like fragrant and golden caramelized onions?  Exactly.  So that became my base, cooking slowly in a bit of olive oil, sizzling gently, emanating an aroma from heaven.

The chicken was added in small pieces, then my home-grown rosemary and the rest.

In no time I had a tantalizing, creamy sauce, just to be slightly enhanced by parmigiano.

So love it when I invent something successful!


2 thoughts on “Now, this one is mine

  1. You have a unique ability to use the ingredients that are around and available and turn them into a delicious meal. This is indeed a talent. And such a talent must be worth money: in publishing, on TV, in the classroom, etc. If Lydia Bastionich ever retires you can easily take her place! Pietro Aglione

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