The Little (Big) Things


A slice of a Blueberry Pound Cake in the morning, fragrant with lemon and vanilla.  Espresso, inky and seductive, its aroma irresistible. Happy breakfast!

A glorious New York summer day, the sky a perfect turquoise, the grass flawlessly  trimmed and inviting.  A Chinottobottle of Chinotto, my favorite Italian soft drink, cooling in the fridge.

A new addition to my kitchenware, a stunning mirror-finish yellow bowl, made in Portugal, seamlessly blending with the soft all-cotton striped dish towel from Williams-Sonoma.

The little big things.  Happiness is these moments, the colors, the kitchen, my tools of the trade.

Food is love is joy is gratitude.

Work on my cookbooYellow bowl, white-orange towelk cum stories proceeds smoothly.  My mind  is a whirlwind of memories, trips, picnics, moments frozen in time, but oh so alive!
So happy to have had such an extraordinary childhood in Italy.

Grazie, mamma e babbo.

To be continued.



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