Cooking, Testing, Writing: A Sentimental Journey with a Flavor

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Oh yes, work on my cookbook continues at a serious pace.

Testing old recipes, reworking, translating, adapting to American measurements. All part of the preparation of my Italian stories and recipes.

Summer peach Cake, 2This weekend I made (once again) one of my favorite plain summer cakes, the lovely, lemon-scented light cake with peaches. The perfect Italian homemade breakfast, in my opinion. Nothing like it with an espresso or a caffellatte.

And I tackled the famous Gattó di patate, one of the best dishes that my mother occasionally made.

But guess what? I had never made it myself. Just cherished the memories of my Portici days, when this golden, soft cake would emerge from the oven, and my mother would say Aspettate, bambini, è troppo caldo…Wait, kids, it’s too hot.IMG_3559

Oh what a joy to watch the large serving spoon dive into its browned top, disappear in its soft embrace, and emerge creamy, dripping with melted cheese. Yes, that good.

Well, I rolled up my sleeves and I made it for the very first time, following a scribbled recipe with few directions. But the memory was vivid in my mind.

It turned out perfect, even with that aroma that would draw us kids to the kitchen like the song of a siren.

It is not difficult, just a bit time consuming. But what a reward! A potato cake filled with prosciutto and salami and various cheeses, smooth, rich, delectable.

It’s a main dish, or a side, depending what else you serve, and which meal.

Coming up, precisely explained, in my cookbook!

Mara on bench, small
But of course, I still have time for fashion!

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