My New Short Story is on Amazon Kindle!

the lotto ticket

“Imagine holding a winning lotto ticket in your hand. Envision the euphoria, the avalanche of dreams. Your life is about to change drastically, the struggle is over!   All you need to do is have the ticket scanned at the store where you bought it, and sign the back. Simple, right? It should be, but life is ever-surprising. Sometimes, not even a winning ticket will give you a break.   Enough said. Just read Jeanine’s story.”

I’m super-excited to unveil my new short story, dear friends!

What inspired me to write The Lotto Ticket? Well, perhaps those square, shiny tickets that I sometimes find in my hand, resigned from the start that, of course, I won’t win, but also secretly hoping that perhaps, possibly…

A lotto ticket is a dream you can hang on to for a few hours. And dreams are always worthy, because, as they say, you never know.

Listen to Jeanine’s tale and fly off with her for a bit.

Easily download the story on your Kindle or other tablet.

Happy Reading!


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