Cookbook Coming Alive!

Yes, Cookbook Fever continues!  I’m testing recipes, reliving memories of my Italian childhood.  An emotional journey of food, love and, sometimes, immeasurable sadness at the loss of my temps pIMG_3348erdu.  When everything seemed so convoluted and was, instead, so very simple.

But we have the food, don’t we?  We can grasp those fleeting flashes of remembrance and turn then into delectable morsels that will satisfy our restless spirit.

My mother’s tender involtini, rolls of thin veal, bursting with salame, mozzarella, parsley and other goodies, simmered in a delicate tomato sauce.  How my siblings and I loved those involtini !  A special dish, since my mother did not make them often, being a very busy (and stressed) teacher, plus doing everything else that a woman does.

And who could resist Il salame di cioccolato for dessert or as an afternoon merenda (snack).  Yes, look at that picture, it looks exactly like salami, but it’s made with cocoa and cookies, with a touch of brandy or rum (just for 13418612_1147145578678796_7144583243875987009_oflavoring, she didn’t booze us up!).

Allora, I do enjoy my strangely beautiful journey into what was.   More food memories brewing in my mind, released by my desire to offer them to you, dear readers, so that you can create your own.

More to come (a lot more!).


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