Cookbook Fever! Sausages and Broccoli

Yes, cookbook fever indeed.

Can I help it if everything looks (and tastes) so darn good?Sausages and broccoli

So, tonight I cooked up Salsicce e broccoli, flavorful Italian sausages in a little olive oil and a little wine.  Let the scrumptious sauce reduce, add the cooked broccoli, and voilà, a peasant meal fit for a king.

In Naples, we would be using friarielli of course, a unique local vegetable, very similar to what in America are called Broccoli di rapa.  Friarielli are also very seasonal (November-December).

I prefer to make this dish with broccoli di rapa, but regular broccoli will do if you can’t find them.

Detailed recipe will be in my upcoming Italian cookbook of course.

Get your updates here!

Buon appetito!


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