A Beginning (reposting my very first blog)

I am one of two worlds.  The one that carries and feeds me and strengthens me each day, the one I dwell in and I breathe…and then the other I carry in my heart. The one in the present; the one in the past.  Co-existing in quiet IMG_2148understanding.  Most of the time.  Sure, sometimes it explodes, that amicable rapport, and emotions are  provoked and unraveled, and life becomes confusing, perhaps chaotic  But only for a while. Eventually it all settles down to calm resignation and even contentment.  I’m a writer, but here I’m just me, writing without desire to conform to rules of form and even content.  I’ll let it pour out, whatever it is that’s clamoring to be heard – be it the description of a great walk up the hill, when I leave work each day, or my latest shopping experience at TJ Maxx.  I will be light, lace the prose with humor.  Sometimes.  I will have my dark moments. when the written expression seems to be the only salvation.  Clouds, bursts of sunshine, splashes of conflicting themes.  Whatever that means.  See what I mean? It sounded good, so I wrote it.  Maybe later I will get it.

I’m a daughter of the Mediterranean, born on an August day on the Bay of Naples.  The sun is my friend.  I hate and fear the gloom of night.  I left that gentle sea for the majesty of the Hudson.  Yes, I live by its edge and I love it so much.  It’s my river, you know.  Well, I want to be spontaneous, so here is the first break.  I’m going for a walk with a dear friend.  Oh, I’ll be back.  Can’t stop me now.  Much more to come.


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