Indeed I’m grateful: A Thanksgiving Blog with an Edge

Thankful I am, this Thanksgiving, for way too many things that I can list.picture

Also for the pain.  And the stress, and the anger and the disappointment.  Because they all made me who I am today.  Strong, resolute, pragmatic, confident, fierce.  Like don’t-mess-with-me fierce.

I know what I want, I’m learning how to get it.  And I will.  Hesitant no more, intensely focused, I’m moving on, up, away, following the road that I dare.

Grateful I am for the people who bless my life with their beloved presence, my angels, my heart, the essence of my existence.  Graziefor simply being, you beautiful people.

And I’m grateful for the ones who moved away from my life (finally), the false friends, the pretend besties who were drawing a circle of deception around little innocent, trustful me.  But, as inevitably it’s bound to happen, their true colors emerged, nastily neon bright, and they scorched me just a bit, barely enough to toughen my skin and my will power.  But they were bid adieu (not kindly) and swiftly booted from the premises of my soul.  Good-bye forever, false friends, wishing you…well, exactly what you dished out.

I make a loyal friend but a ferocious foe.  So choose your side thoughtfully, dear people.

I cook, also, on Thanksgiving, naturally.  Not held at my house this year, but I
contribute my dishes, true and tried recipes, developed through the years of my American traditions.

Like this Cranbepicturerry Salsa.  No, I didn’t make it up, it showed up in a magazine years ago, and it sounded seriously intriguing.  Pineapple, onion, jalapeños? Sure, I tweaked it a bit, can’t help it.  Worth a try.

Tangy sweet and tart, spicy hot, but not enough to burn out your taste buds, exotic and refreshing, this delectable Cranberry Sauce will sweep all others out of the way. Do try it!  Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers, and for you I’m also infinitely grateful.


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