When a Tree Falls on Your House

It happens.  Winter storms, snow, heavy rain.

Never happened to me, though.picture

Until today.

Damn wind storm raging all through the night.  Sleeping restlessly, tossing, worrying, don’t like the hissing, the eerie sound of chimes (faster, faster, more frequent…), worrying about the plastic lawn chairs, the barbecue…

Dozing off, amidst disconcerting dreams…

A loud noise.  A knock on the door.  My daughter: Mom, a tree fell near my window, didn’t break it, but here it is, on top of the back porch’s roof…


A hefty branch, its yellow leaves trembling, is…everywhere.

Her window didn’t break (Deo gratias), just the blow, the impact, the ‘what the hell…?’

Well, yes, the gutter in the back has been dragged down, the view from the pretty side window is…leaves.

But we are all fine.  That’s all that matters.

The insurance is in place (paying a monthly fortune for it), and it will all be taken care of.

Life in the suburbs.  It happens.  Never to us, true, but..

Never take anything for granted for sure.  We still got power, so all it’s good.

The terrifying forces of nature.  Never underestimate it.

But, well, speaking as a writer, I appreciate the material, Mother Nature.


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