Cookbook Update: Almost completed!


As I’m writing my cookbook cum memoir, I realize that there are several recipes that I created myself while living in America.  Traditional American recipes to which I gave a little Mediterranean twist.  Like this one.  Every time I go Italy I am expected to carry along packets of brown sugar and chocolate chips, because these classic American products are not available there, and if you find them in the local version, they are not, well, of the same quality, or even the same flavor.  They are simply not popular in Italy.  However Chocolate Chip Cookies (or bars, the way I prefer them) are instantly addictive, and I’m expected to make them almost as soon as I arrive!  Then I came up with an idea: why not incorporate the flavors of the Mediterranean into this sweet?  Hence, my additions and modifications, and voilà, delectable chocolate chip bars that appear to be the usual ones, but pleasantly surprise your taste buds when you bite into them.  What’s that elusive savor?  Still a secret, but not for long!  Soon to be revealed in my upcoming cookbook.  Like the teaser?


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