Cautious (Exhilarating!) Journey Back in Time

Through food.  Yes, I’m cooking and baking my way into the past, and back again.  The work on my cookbook is indeed intense: I’m surrounded pictureby escarole, eggplant, capers, thick-skinned lemons, jars of European cocoa, red and yellow peppers, dozens of blue boxes of Barilla pasta, which I purchase when on sale.  That’s right, I’m cooking with ingredients that one can easily find almost anywhere, to make my Italian recipes happily accessible to all.  The cakes and tarts of my childhood in Portici, quickly prepared by my super-busy mother on a Saturday evening, so we’d have a delicious sweet Sunday breakfast; the delectable golden fried Crescente, puffy and pictureflaky diamonds of dough served with exquisiteprosciutto crudo and salame, the most wonderful savory snack of my Italian days.  The rich and fragrant Ragù alla Bolognese, with finely chopped celery and onion, whose aroma grabbed almost all of your senses, thickly coating beautiful egg tagliatelle. The creamy and lemony Apple Crostata made with such delicious pasta frolla, a sweet pastry that I would sometpictureimes eat raw, while my mother rolled it out on the wooden tagliere.  The sounds, often chaotic and confusing, but always interesting and certainly warm, of the kitchen of my childhood, with its yellow Formica cabinets all’americana, my mother’s pride and joy, and the little plants of aromatic basil out on the balcony. Welcome to my kitchen, dear readers, join me as I hold my breath with anxious anticipation as I re-lipictureve the picnics among the Greek temples of Paestum, while my father carefully sliced the scrumptiousPizza di scarola my mother had prepared at dawn; wait by the oven with me, and inhale the heavenly scent of the large Brioche baking in the tiny oven, my mother giddy with excitement at having attempted to make this French classic (Italian-style of course!).  And you will too, as I take your hand and guide you along.  (Keep checking for my updates!)


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