Collecting egg whites for All-American Cake

Angel Food Cake, my friends.  Does anybody still bake this purely American,picture impressively lofty, pristine white, cloud-light confection of sugar and egg whites? The only caveat: separating all those eggs (like 14) and then trying to figure out what to do with all the yolks.  But this is easily solved.  Every time I use an egg yolk, I freeze the white in a small plastic bag.  Soon enough I have quite an assemblage, and out comes my favorite angel food cake pan, decades old, one of the first kitchen items I purchased when I was setting up my American kitchen.  Yes, the all-aluminum one, with the little feet, I guess it’s considered vintage now, since these days those types of tall tube pans are only available in non-stick materials.  But this cake, you want it to stick.  The feathery batter rises spicturelowly in the oven, clinging fiercely to the ungreased sides, gripping the metal and lifting itself up to the edge, then rising above it, tender and fluffy, as pure white as new snow.  Memorial Day is here and I’d like to celebrate this meaningful day of remembrance with this beautiful cake, a sweet star in the US baking tradition.  Is this the most amazingly delicious cake I ever had?  Absolutely not.  It’s mild and non-committal, not bursting with passionate flavors that seize your senses and ignite your taste buds.  But it’s so gorgeous and so tall…What can I say?  I much prefer the
chocolate version, but that’s for another blog. Click here for my recipe, based on one from a cookbook, with my addition (all’italiana) of grated lemon peel.


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