Blueberries for Summer

In cake form.  I like to officially open my American summer with blueberries, and, like with other fruits, if it’s “cakeable”, I will work it into some sort of baked good.  In this case, I decided to follow (more or less) this recipe I got picturesomewhere from someone, by adding a box of fresh, beautiful, plump and flavorful blueberries to a light cake batter made with lemon yogurt, butter and soft cream cheese.  Then I get to play with my collection of Bundt pans!  Which shall it be for this golden soft cake, studded with violet/blue jam-like splashes of the warm fruit? Not every pan can be used for every cake.  The complicated, sophisticated designs of some of the molds, with their clean, sharp edges  and pointy peeks might not work comfortably with a very light and crumbly batter, which might get stuck in the deep corners and curlicues of the design, resulting in a cake that sticks horribly to the nooks and crannies, unmolding in clumps rather than one smooth, regal ring loaf.  This delectable dessert is not solid like a pound cake – which can well adapt to an intricate mold and turn out flawless – but, being dotted with blueberries, tends to adhere more easily to the metal.  Thus I chose my “Fiesta” Bundt pan, which has more rounded edges, non-withstanding the fancy shape.  I’ve had this particular pan for decades (ordered from a paper catalog, pre-internet) and I believe it’s become a sort of an antique, or at least vintage, since I’m pretty sure they no longer manufacture them.  Use any ring pan with high sides you might have, just grease it really well, because the fruit tends to become quite sticky and gooey as it melds into the batter.  I serve it for breakfast (a giant blueberry muffin!) because it’s a tangy, buttery, happy medley of fresh summer fruit and tender cake generously scented with pure vanilla, which calls softly for a tazzina of very black, sexy espresso made with my trusty moka.  Happy morning to you, then, and here’s the recipe!


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