The Perfect Chiffon Orange Cake: made with olive oil, of course!

pictureThis is an amazing cake.  I wasn’t planning to write about it (way too many baking blogs on this writer’s site…), but due to high demand for the recipe, I’m posting it.  If you’ve been following my blogs here and on Facebook, I’ve been indulging for a while my new little obsession with olive oil cakes.  I’ve been experimenting with different recipes and have been absolutely delighted with all of them.  Moral of the story? Extra-virgin olive oil makes fabulous, moist, aromatic, tender cakes.  This one is really a chiffon cake, with all the qualities of the traditional ones made with vegetable or corn oil (moist, spongy, high) plus the extra, though subtle, flavor of good-quality, healthful, golden extra-virgin olive oil and the heady perfume of fresh oranges  The best of all worlds.  Besides, instead of the conventional tube pan, you get to use a beautiful Bundt mold for this one, and the baked cake slides out like magic!  The Apricot Jam Glaze is super-simple, and sticky/tart.  A delectable breakfast cake, in my opinion, solid but light, tender and springy, a rich deep-yellow hue.  Meant to be served with a cup of strong espresso.  Here it is, my friends, the Orange-Olive Oil Chiffon Cake, a priceless gift to last for all future generations.  Happy Baking, with ancient, sublime olive oil!


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