Find me if you can!

I like to travel through my novels.  Oh yes, I’m there, dear readers, right picturebehind my characters, just sharing a little piece of their day, their life.  They don’t know it, of course, but I’ve observed them when, well, they walked through Chinatown in NYC, absent-mindedly eyeing the glitzy merchandise displayed outside the shops.  I was even touching a beautiful red Chinese dress, on a hot summer day, considering purchasing it, while Cassandra was revealing her darkest secret to Natalie.  Got to that part yet, my friends, inThe Summer of the Spanish Writer? Pretty intense, shocking, but, well, I kept my mouth shut and unobtrusively listened, while checking the size labels and the designs (yes, of course I bought one, bright red and super-gorgeous).  I was there in earlier times, when my children were younger (one of them has traveled with me through the books), and my hair was its original color – brown – (oh, you thought it was naturally blond?  Sorry, but therecomes a time when almost every woman desires to be a blonde…).  I do love to eavesdrop on my creations, because I learn so much about human nature just by crashing their lives.  I was also following Diana around in Dreams, Lies and a Touch of Smoke – did you see me?  I was in the bagel café in Eastchester, waiting in line while a very agitated Diana was talking to her mother on her cell, pictureimpatient and disappointed.  Disappointed because it wasn’t Adam calling.  Love, what a great fregatura…Anyway, I was there, holding my baby daughter in my arms, and she was looking super-adorable in her puffy pigtails.  Go ahead, leaf through the novel, look for that part, you’ll find us.  Once I even pulled out of a parking spot downtown Scarsdale, and Diana’s red Jeep immediately slipped in.  I was glad to help.  I was driving a blue Minivan then.  Take a look, it’s when Diana goes to the quaint French kitchenware shop right across form the train station. And you know who else surprised me by sneaking into my last novel (and I swear I had no idea!)? The two main characters of the first one! Yes, in The Summer of the Spanish Writer you shall find Diana and Adam on the same church grounds in Ossining, where Natalie went for one of her solitary walks.  She even glances at them, and is startled by the resemblance of the man with…well, I’m not here to spoil anything.  Just read on, with attention to detail, and you will find me and them, and maybe even yourself.  Why not? After all, our lives are all so intertwined, and we never know where we’ll end up at the end of the day.  So, take a look, my dear readers, play a little ‘find Waldo’ through my novels: like him, I wear a lot of red!


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