Another Stimulating ‘Talk plus Cake’ at the Eastchester Italian Club

And so it was.  I was once again lucky enough to do a presentation for this super-active club in beautiful Eastchester (yes, people, I used to live there pictureseveral years ago, and loved it).  The subject of the lecture was the changes in modern Italian culture and lifestyle, and the evolution of the language.  Presented entirely in Italian!  The only place, this, where I have the opportunity to speak and converse in my native language, and be clearly understood and followed by all the members.  Oh, goodness, how quickly time passed, as my audience eagerly participated, amplifying the depth of our conversation, adding their own experiences and observations, gathered from their frequent visits to Italy, being this a very sophisticated and highly informed group, intrepid travelers all, and not only to Italian pictureshores.  As usual, I arrived with my dessert du jour (love to bring along a sweet accompaniment), a light but intensely flavored pound cake, made with sour cream and accented with delectable apricot preserves.  Unusual and satisfying, in the stunning and intricate shape of the – one of the precious molds in my baking picturecollection – this cake offered an enjoyable ending to our cultural morning.  And, of course, we had authentic espresso, prepared by the members of the club, to enhance ourtorta.  If you’d like the cake recipe, click here (I posted it in both English and Italian, check recipe index).  I can’t thank enough Enzo Salvo, the organizer of the Eastchester Italian Club, for making this event possible, for allowing me to express so freely my passion and eagerness to spread my beloved language to all.  I’m also grateful to my dear friend Luzmarina Montesinos-Lalli, writer and Spanish language professor, who took all the pictures and was thrilled to say that she understood everythingAllora, vi ringrazio tutti di cuore, signori membri: rimango sempre colpita e commossa dalla vostra grande conoscenza della cultura italiana.  Looking forward to coming back! What shall we talk about next time, amici?   


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