Good food from Colli and memories with my brother


It is here that we’ve gathered in the last few years.  My autumn trips to Italy, revisiting those old photographs that spin around my head, constantly intensifying as time passes.  My places, my people, my stories, the essence of who I am.  So, when I see my brother, it is usually in Colli al Volturno, my father’s native village in the mountains of Molise, where the old Di Sandro family’s house still stands, ancient and massive, its thick walls impregnated with 150 years of families, dramas, war, and the scents of strong wine from the family’s vineyards and green-gold olive oil from the uliveti on the hills.  The restaurant Volturno where we have our pranzo, at the outskirts of town, is also a small hotel, run by a local family of fabulous cooks. Fischiotti alla carbonara is one of their specialties, rich with eggs and pancetta, aromatized by onions sautéed in olive oil.  The only shape of pasta they use is the traditional fischiotti, a curvy, spiraling short pasta that goes by different picturenames in other areas.  Now, my mother always made it with spaghetti, but I – not a fan of long pasta – much prefer it this way.  The link is to my recipe (actually my mother’s), since the restaurant’s dish is a jealously concealed secret.  But I can assure you that mine is almost as good.  I cherish these moments in my life – sadly much too brief and rare.  Grazie to my brother Glauco for kindly agreeing to be in this video.  Glauco, sei grande!


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