The Unbearable Lightness of Relief

It’s over.  Darling Irene, ‘the mother of all hurricanes’.  Yes, of course I was anxious, people, I’m only human.  If you’re on Facebook, you’ll also know that I made a confession, in light of the approaching doomsday – that I, well, am not a natural blonde!  Indeed, I go to my wonderful hairdresser in Eastchester picturethree times a year and get honey-blond highlights…So, now the secret is out.  Silliness aside, natural disasters are not something we should take lightly, and we don’t.  I know that so many of you had a ghastly experience with flooding, fallen trees, loss of power, and perhaps you’re still awaiting the return to normality, and my heart goes out to you.  We were luckier here in my Westchester town – little damage, floods came and receded.  My basement was inundated also, but, thanks to a new sump pump, the mess was left to a minimum, and it’s all picturedry now (I highly recommend it: works like a charm!).  After, when the title ‘hurricane’ was downgraded to a less intimidating ‘tropical storm’, andIrene was heading north of us, we took a tentative look out the door, then decided to take a spin around town on the jeep.  All in all, we survived this thing okay, much better than anticipated.  Naturally, I headed for the waterfront, to observe my beloved river.  Oh, it wasangry, the Hudson, gray and frothy, turbulent, aggressive, combative.  The sky matched its dismal color and the clouds – many! – were zipping by, swept by strong, whistling winds.  Took some photos and here they are.  Then home again, relieved and grateful that all was well; I turned on the oven and set up to bake.  A new recipe, never made before, but I had all the ingredients on hand so…Well, it turned out to be one of the most picturedelectable cakes I ever had, this Sour Cream-Apricot Jam Pound Cake made in one of my treasured decorative Bundt pans.  A velvety consistency, a buttery, smooth, heavenly flavor and, of course, a stunning appearance.  I offer you the recipe, my dear readers – it’s easy and quick, but you’d never guess it.  I’m now calling it “Hurricane Irene Cake”, because, well, that’s when I made it, acutely appreciative of the calm after the storm.  A tender, sweet cake.  But life is sweeter.  Viva la vita!


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