My Kind of Breakfast: Italian Olive Oil Cake

Okay, another cake.  What can I tell you, I’m so passionate about baking, that I feel the blood sizzle through my body when I read (ingest) a new recipe.  One that grabs me immediately, seduces me with an exciting list of ingredients.  That I already have at home.  Yes, always fabulous this last bit: love to simply reach for one of my cherished baking pans (okay, I do have a super-extensive collection that would make a French pâtissier envious), grab flour and eggs, and get to work.  This one, dear readers, is a pound cake.  Unlike any other.  The ‘pound’ quality of this dense, moist loaf cake is provided by extra-virgin olive oil. You can have a golden, rich, satisfying to the bite and the soul country-style Italian cake, and dip it in yourcaffelatte.  Or espresso (me).  Just add some good Dutch cocoa and turn it marble and divine. That slight lemon flavor with chocolate? Amazing.  So Italian.  My mother used to make a picturesimilar cake, called Marmor dolce, where dark patches of cocoa batter mingled with the soft yellow, and there were bursts of fragrant lemon zest in every bite, sometimes intense, others mild, depending on each individual delectable morsel.  But she used butter.  Well, here I am, surrounded by my music, Sognami di Biagio Antonacci, which slides gently over my senses like the most seductive silken scarf.  The sensual lyrics mingle with the scrumptious aroma that seeps though the oven’s vent, and I’m lost again.  In the past, in those yet unbroken dreams, in the passion that drives your instincts.  In a good way.  Well, them watch the video, and here’s the recipe, dearest readers.  Have it for breakfast tomorrow morning, dip it in that good espresso. Let your day begin in Italian.


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