Brownies: little squares of happiness

The quintessential American cookie bars.  Unique with their super-rich, chocolaty decadent little heart.  And super-fudgy I like them, creamy-sticky-gooey, with a deep, complex flavor created by using excellent bittersweet chocolate, the caramelly infusion of brown sugar and an extra-helping of bits of chocolate for an additional gustatory kick.  Strange, peculiar little picturecreatures, Brownies seemed to me, many, many years ago, when I was
introduced to them (where? how? can’t remember), upon my moving to America.  Sure, we had lots of types of chocolate cakes in Italy, but nothing quite like it.  Were they candies, cookies, chunky pieces of undercooked cake? Hard to categorize them, no equivalent in Italian cuisine.  But fabulously delectable they were, nevertheless.  So I embarked in experimenting with dozens of recipes, till I found the one I think is quite perfect.  Not only does this produce the most heavenly little dark squares of happiness, but it makes a large batch, to share with neighbors and friends.  And to indulge in at, well, eleven-thirty or midnight, while secretly indulging in another guilty pleasure, like, I don’t know, The Real Housewives of somewhere, not that I would know much about such silly shows…Anyway, here’s my recipe, based on one by master pastry chef  Nick Malgieri.


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