My Bay of Naples

As I post this video – reviewing, assessing – my fingers tremble and I’m making silly letter mistakes while typing.  It seems so near, my beautiful view of the Bay of Naples, yet it’s light-years away.  I listen to the wind whirling around me in the images on my screen, resuscitating memories that I wish (and don’t wish) to embrace.  Here it is, my friends, the million-dollar-view I grew up with, sometimes hazy, always serene, always blue of sea and sky.  Growing up in Portici, my mother would come into my room in the early morning, unceremoniously pull up the shutters, and the clatter would invade my dreams, though I insisted on clinging to them even as my unconscious began to fade into reality.  The light would flood my room, and so would the this panorama, right there, from my balcony.  The panorama that persuaded my parents to buy the apartment, because can it get any better? Yet I lived with it in a comfortable, routine, take-it-for-granted manner, because surely it’d always be there.  It wouldn’t be.  But I didn’t know then.  Okay, so, here it is, I offer it to you, straight from my still fragile heart.  This video was shot from the jagged seashore of the town of Ercolano (of Vesuvius eruption fame), right next door to Portici.  From the right: the city of Naples, then the tiny, charming island of Procida (where Il Postino was filmed); Ischia follows, large and inviting; then you’ll see the legendary island of Capri (whose profile depicts a sleeping siren, as my mother always pointed out); last, on the left, the Sorrento Peninsula. Yeah, I can smell the lemon groves.   Enjoy it!


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