Flourless Chocolate Cake

Cut into the heart of this cake and you can almost hear the knife sigh.  Yes, pictureit’s that good.  Dense, dark as sin, intensely perfumed, excruciatingly decadent, this passionate  flourless cake is a blissful gastronomic experience.  Yeah, maybe better than.  The key is the highest quality bittersweet chocolate you can find. Because it’s all about the chocolate, that flavor that will roll on your tongue, awaken your palate, slide slowly down your throat.  Of course, a good, fresh unsalted butter is also very important.  A wonder to observe, the deep brown chocolate chunks and the creamy ivory butter melting together over low flame, silk and satin liquefying into the smoothest sauce.  You’ll need a large spring form pan (12 inches) – and a larger flat platter to serve it.  The queen of cakes, the essence of the cocoa bean, food of the gods indeed.  Here’s your trip to Paradise, your chocolate dream you only fantasized about.  Indulge.  Slip  Chocolat in your DVR, desire Johnny Depp, but plunge your fork into a dense wedge of chocolate cake.  Almost as gratifying.  Click here for recipe.


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